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Hi everyone! What website would you like to recommend to your classmates?

Canada Map Quiz!

Hi everyone! Try out this map quiz. Click on the link below. Leave a comment to let me know how it went!

Math Game

What do you think of the math game?  Click on the link to find it.

This video shows people helping animals. They help kittens, a fox, a young sea-lion, dolphins, a moose, a baby elephant and a whale. What is your favourite part?
(Don’t worry about understanding the words to the song,   The song is not important.)


Map of Canada

Click on the link below for a map of Canada.  What happens when you click on different places on the map?  What three places, lakes or rivers did you find in Canada?

Comments For Rara the Penqin

Hi everyone,

You can leave your comments about Rara on this post.  What is your favourite part of the video?


Please leave a comment about your favourite part of the video. Remember to write in sentences.

Don’t forget to…..

Don’t forget to add you name, with your comment.

Don’t forget to start your sentence with a capital letter.

Don’t forget to end your sentence with a period.

Don’t forget to answer all of the questions!!!

Have fun, and comment on other people’s comments if you want to!

LEAP Questions revised!

Hi everyone,
Please submit your revised question for your classmates.
Be sure to leave an answer to every question that is posted.
You are welcome to reply to eachother, but stay on topic!

Your Question!!!!

Hi LEAP 1,

Please leave one question for the class.  Use the comment button to post your question.

Do not reply to the questions until they are all posted.  We should have 6 questions.  

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